Taking the Work Out of Real Estate Property Videos

|Steve Zehngut

Everyone knows the benefits of great photos and real estate property videos. It wasn’t very long ago that we were reading about the dynamic change to Airbnb when it started using professional photos for their properties.

While hiring a professional photographer may be simple, creating a real estate property video has never been easy. It has often meant specialized software to create the video montage – which requires specialized hardware. Hint: your MacBook Air will take forever to render the video.

The Horror Stories Are Out There

We spoke with one real estate agent who hired someone to create the property video from a set of photos that had already been taken. The video looked great, with some amazing music in the background. The video was uploaded to the MLS, YouTube and various social media platforms.

You can imagine the shock when the agent was sent an email saying that the audio being played in the background wasn’t licensed properly. They wanted to meet to discuss remedies. 

In another case, the video was uploaded to a videographer’s Vimeo account and shared from there. A dispute then caused the videographer to turn off sharing – which hurt the agent, the property owner, and all the potential viewers.

These are horrible experiences that no one should have to go through. But they happen because property owners and real estate agents alike aren’t all technology experts and don’t always know the various ways things can go sideways.

We Eliminate All the Hassle When Producing Real Estate Property Videos

At Real Estate Shows, we’ve been creating property videos for years. And over those years we’ve received various requests – from simple stuff like making a video longer, to adding support for more images, to changing the audio file for the background music. 

But when it all came down to it, the biggest request was to make everything faster and easier. And that’s a request we took to heart a couple years ago when we started thinking about the new version of Real Estate Shows.

  • What if we didn’t need anyone to pick music?
  • What if we didn’t need anyone to upload photos?
  • What if we didn’t need anyone to render anything?

What would it look like if we could build a system that would do everything the minute you gave us a property address?

That’s what we’ve created in the new Real Estate Shows. A system that is one-touch. You give us a property address and we do the rest:

  1. We go online and pull photos and property details
  2. We arrange the photos in an order and define video transitions
  3. We select audio that requires no licenses
  4. We create and render the video
  5. We create the property page and embed the video
  6. You can then take that video and embed it where you want

Notice that there’s only one time that “you” shows up and all the rest is “we?” That’s because we designed a process that puts all the work on us, and none of it on you.

This is the right way to create real estate property videos. Our customers have called it magic. We just call it the product we all wanted.

And we think you’ll love it. Give it a try to see how little work you have to do.